• HELLO!!

hiii my name is kiki and this is my personal Webbed Site. i have tried to make sites like this in the past and gave up but NO LONGER. i am here to stay.

why did i make this website? well i need SOMEWHERE to put all my 2 am autistic infodumps that no one is awake to listen to LMAO plus i just find modern social media really suffocating. i was raised on the internet back when it was less corporate and easier to self express and i miss that a lot. i'm not much of a programmer, that's ayano's thing, but i'm still doing my best out here!!!

have fun looking around! there isn't much yet but i'm always working on my projects even if i'm a little slow :)


most of the content on this site is still a WIP so i don't have a lot to link to yet, here's my socials in the meantime!!

also here's some other websites i like!! :)

WRONGWARP | pkmn breeder sam

and here's our site button if you'd like to link to us!


happy valentine's day! i wrote up a little thing for my girlfriend for the holiday... still working on stuff, i promise, i've just been sick sdfjfdsk

gave a massive facelift to my journal page! it really needed it the old theme was a placeholder lmao

HOMEPAGE FACELIFT!! i haven't been working on content because i've been agonizing over what to do with the homepage. i wasn't happy with it. now i am! LMAO you can see a pic of the old site here! oh yeah and there's a splash page now. and. NEW URL this wasn't taken and i had to LMAO

i have a dedicated journal page now!! poggers

FINALLY FINISHED THE DAMN INDEX PAGE MORE OR LESS GOOD LORDJOISDF we've been working on this for so long and kept agonizing over tiny design choices. now we can finally move forward agh


i talk!! way too much!! if you want to read my thoughts or hear about my life then check out my journal!!

content warning for potential dark topics but not too often


hello and welcome to my page! my name is ayano and this is my place to be creative and personal on the internet, away from the prison that is social media.

you'll probably have noticed by now that the page you're on is split in two, and that's because i co-own this website with my fellow alter, kiki. we have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and we thought it would be cute to have the front page of our website be split in half as if you were looking at two sites at once. we managed to make it mobile friendly, so please use any device you like!

my passion project pokemon RBY/GSC fansite:

here's some other random sites that i like as well:

and my friends! (only one right now since i'm still begging them to make websites hahaha)


all of the below links are a massive WIP that don't go anywhere yet, i apologize!
site is under construction!!

later on i am hoping to post journal entries, have shrines to things i like, a personal page dedicated to all of my shiny hunts and my progress on my gen 2 living dex, etc.

button to link to us with if you want:

the title of my introduction box is lyrics from this song which is near and dear to my heart:

that's it for now! see you soon with more updates <3